Carpool Comp Tickets

Carpool Comp Ticket
Vail Resorts encourages you to engage in our core value of “Do Good!”. The Carpool Incentive Program is intended to reduce your car emissions from business-related trips. For every 400 miles (644 kilometers) saved by you by carpooling with at least one other coworker, you will be rewarded with an unrestricted one-day lift ticket to any one of our resorts.

Policy and Eligibility Requirements:

  • There must be at least two employees in the vehicle.
  • Each employee in the vehicle is eligible to accrue the same number of miles carpooled.
  • It is your responsibility to find others to carpool with you.
  • Trips must be business-related (trips between home and work are not covered by the Program).
  • Carpool miles must match submitted mileage reimbursement records. Standard mileage reimbursement rules apply.
  • You are eligible if you use a company-owned vehicle or a personal vehicle.
  • You will receive one lift ticket for every 400 carpooling miles (644 kilometers) accrued, with a maximum of five lift tickets during each Fiscal Year.
  • Mileage and lift tickets will be processed and distributed at least once a month. You must be a current, active employee at the time of distribution.
  • Lift tickets will be distributed via interoffice mail.
  • The tickets can be given to friends and family, but they may not be resold.
  • Full-Time and Part-Time employees are eligible for this Program.


  1. The driver will submit their reimbursable miles through the AP process as usual. In addition, the driver will complete the Carpool Incentive Form.
  2. The driver should email the completed Carpool Incentive Form to Workplace Services at
  3. Each month the Carpool Administrator will track your earned miles. Once you reaches 400 miles (644 kilometers), the Administrator will interoffice one free one day lift ticket to you. Additional miles will continue to accrue towards your next free ticket.
  4. Once you have reached 2,000 miles (2,576 kilometers) (five free lift tickets) in a Fiscal Year, you will no longer be eligible for additional free lift tickets that year. To encourage you to continue carpooling, you will be entered to win a Grand Prize drawing.